Call to Duty 11 8 11 Release

At 11:35 pm Monday, November 10, 2011 –  I jumped in my car to check out the happenings of the new C2D (Call to Duty) video game release at Best Buy in Wheaton Maryland. The release date was at Mid-Night Tuesday, November 11, 2011.

There was a line outside of about 45 anxious yet patient people. Some who had pre-paid and the others waiting. Of all the people standing in line, counting myself there were two women. The only confusion occurred when the “Pre-Paid” Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) folks who had originally be allowed to enter first, was found their pre-paid WM3 was not at that specific Best Buy – and had to go back outside to the end of the line.

Had chance to casually interview some of the folks in line.












– Since I teach the business of Video Gaming Technology to 3rd – High School Students @ SHABACH! Homeschool Christian Academy – I felt it my Duty to go through whole process of purchasing this new release. BTW – I do not own as of yet a PS3 (Play Station 3) or any other gaming entertainment gear. But it’s time for me to go to the dark side now.

Check out my next  blog post for video updates on this experience and the feedback from teaching about video gaming  in the next day. Whew – I am tired and going to bed now! BTW

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